domingo, 21 de septiembre de 2014

My First Blank Page

Why is it called "The Blank Page"?
It is simple. Who just  created a blog, whatever our hobbies and other things that define us as unique, we have something un common, our blog.
Se will be in the same situation every time we go to write on it, a Blank Page.
It depends on the person who go to write, we can find different situations, perhaps some won't have only a blank page, they will also have a blank mind, frightened by not knowing what to write, however, others will have many ideas that they won't know where to start.
And I, Susi Mas, 1°B of English Studies student, use muy first blank page to tell all my mates that once written your first blank page, others won't need so many headaches.
I encourage everyone to seek The writer you have inside, good luck!