lunes, 17 de noviembre de 2014

Ten Weeks Ago...

I remember ten weeks ago when my classmates and I had just started our lessons at the University, and some teachers asked us about our first day in La Merced, actually, we were very nervous and a little bit lost. It was just the beginning, but now, ten weeks later, after making a group for Lengua Castellana and be running another of Cultura Contemporánea, I can say that apart of studying a degree I like, I have met people with goals like me, in relation to English and many other aspects.
From my "landing" at the University, the second day in particular, I met Sara, who will not only become a great classmate, but one of the best people I know, and certainly, the most organized.
Shortly after, we had to make groups to work in Lengua Castellana, and there were Lorena and Eva, who were more predisposed to work with Sara and me in the group, with whom we had a blast and still finish the same job. And simultaneously the Lengua group, I met Pepa, by chance, at the train station, she was very confident and with a incredible vocabulary level of  English, and after Pepa I met Corpus and María.
And of course, what other factor makes you meet people? The class site, and we knew Pepa, Corpus and María, who were sat behind us, we were missing that were present, who would soon arise: Mari Angeles, Charo, Mari Carmen and ... The Blonde.
But that was not the end, a few days later I met my girls, who would be later the cornerstones of my Cultura group, my "Atacás" Carmen, Carmen María and Lidia, along with Sara made me unforgettable moments, laughter, anecdotes, italianisms, Charles Chaplin, rashid, al fracaso ... and much more.
I do not remember at what point between the group of Lengua and Cultura I also met José, classmate, trainmate and musician, like me. Having common interests makes you empathize more with people, and then friendship.
This weekend I've been with two classmates, one day we went to the cinema, next day we left for sightseeing, and Sunday, I realized that it is not necessary a special place to enjoy, but only a simple place with special people who make this place unforgettable for you.
In conclusion, I feel very lucky to have met all of  you and I hope you spend many more unforgettable moments together!

miércoles, 12 de noviembre de 2014

First Práctica Evaluable: Is playing an instrument a good idea or a waste of time?

All psychologists think that playing an instrument is fantastic for children. There are the "typical mums" that always want that her son or daughter plays an instrument; violin, piano, guitar... But then, when the child has grown up, the same mums that before said "Play an instrument... Is good for you... You will be more intelligent than other children if you play..." are those who now, when her child starts to go to high school, says "Dear, forget your music lessons, they are a waste of time, you must forget your instrument and you have to study maths or chemistry... It better for your future". But no, I have played flute since I was seven years old, and I love it. Perhaps for most of my classmates playing an instrument is a waste of time, but, there are people like me that love to play an instrument and want to be a profesional musician in the future. In conclusion, playing an instrument can be a waste of time for those who don't know, but it can be a great vocation for those who really enjoys playing an instrument.