lunes, 29 de diciembre de 2014


It has never happened do not know what to write in the blog? Sometimes it is difficult, right? It is difficult to choose a topic to share with everyone, because, somehow, you are doing public personal information and does not have to be available to anyone who wants to read it.
If we make calculations, there are not many topics to talk about. For example, you can not talk about anything that harms anyone in around you, neither  can discuss recent films or books that your friends want to watch or read because you are not going to do spoiler because they can be angry with you or stop reading your blog ...
From my point of view, talk about topics that suggests Reme is fine if you can not think of anything to write about, but also consider that this topics are difficult because it can be approached from many perspectives: to have weapons at home? Education system? It is hard being for or against, each topic has its advantages and disadvantages and, of course, each person has a different point of view. Furthermore, you can not comment on a topic that you have no information. the best person who could talk about the positive factors of have guns at home would be someone who has been docked at home and has survived thanks to point to the thief with a gun. And education system? We are students, we are still led by the system, I think that anyone who has just finished his second degree, a master and even a PhD and still no work unless you leave the country can comment better.
In short, I am perhaps the only one who has trouble choosing a topic to write here and why I have accumulated so many posts for last, but I will find topics or experiences enough to write the necessary posts for make Reme happier. ;-)


There are many different types of families, many relatives, few, united, fought, young, old... Each family is unique, neither better nor worse. For example, my family is very particular, my father's sisters prefer to be with their families and with my grandmother, leaving us behind. While on the side of my mother, I have only one uncle, who loves to spend his holidays with his sister (my mother) and his only niece (me).
The fact that we are less does not make it worse, because at least, we know when we get together is because we really want and not by obligation. Perhaps I would have liked to have little children in my family and not be constantly surrounded by adults, but if you are all adults there is less noise.
On the other way, to have a small family becomes more difficult your social life with friends on holidays like Christmas, because you feel sorry for leave your family alone, or you take them with you, so in the end, you choose to stay at home with your family, and as you are the only "small", adults marginalize you a bit, with what eventually you run out of hanging out with your friends, away from your family and writing post for Prácticas de Redacción.
In conclusion, your family always will give their support in the sad moments and celebrates your victories with you, so as nothing lasts forever, try to enjoy your family while you can!

domingo, 7 de diciembre de 2014

Unity and Coherence: Positive thinking.

Positive thinking always helps people to feel better. If you think positively, you will find the solution to your problems easier, not only you'll feel better, also the people around you will be infected by your positivity and feel better about themselves.
It is not always easy to find the bright side of things happening around us. For example, I try to see the positive side of things since I was 10, I admit that the beginning is very difficult, disappointments, failures ... they affect our personality, but it depends on us how to face them.
Other factors that benefit us or hurt us to maintain a positive thinking are each of the people around us, who share with us our daily lives, our experiences. Within the family environment is very important that at least one of your close relatives (father, mother, brother, sister ...) helps you up when you stumble, to support your decisions because they are yours and you deserve a chance ...
In my case, my greatest source of support has been my father. When I was 10, in 2006, my father started to teach me to see the positive side of things, to respect the decisions of others, to help people control their mood, and not lose my temper, always keeping calm. At first it was hard, I do not understand why I had to find a good side when the bad side was the one who looked more easily, but I gradually changing, until my radical change was forced a few days before my 15 birthday. My father had surgery, and my mother (who is a very emotional person), was very overwhelmed, and my father was unable to offer encouragement, so I was the one who had to stay calm in moments of tension. After a month, my father recovered, and from that moment, my father and I got along much better. From there, my worldview changed for the better. That doesn't mean that the world is better, but you strive more to see his good part than his bad part.
In the other way, everyone is at some point situations who can't control their feelings, emotions overwhelm him and not take it anymore. That's understandable, we are not robots, nothing happens if we allow ourselves by stress, frustration or sadness on some occasion, but, as a very famous phrase says: "Falling is allowed, but up is mandatory".
Life will put you tests, and you are who decides how to deal with, whether it will be with a fighting spirit with desire to excel, or surrendering to the first failure. Life, since I was 15 until today, has tested me several times, some more easily overcome than others, but even having lost hope, positive thinking has remained there, making me see that after each situation fronted (surpassed successfully or not) I've grown as a person, I've matured and my personality has become stronger, allowing me to help others and myself.
Ultimately, positive thinking will help you deal with everyday situations with more strength and courage. I recommend to everyone that the first thought that comes to your mind nothing more waking up in the morning will be: "Today can be a great day, I'll give it a chance". Because depressed is useless, what has to happen, it will happen, so ... Why don't wake up with a smile? You can!

sábado, 6 de diciembre de 2014

Advantages and disadvantages of having brothers or sisters.

Having brothers or sisters can be a great advantage or a disadvantage depending on the relationship that exists between them. If brothers are friends, they can be better moral support than parents, and also if the age difference is not too much, they can also share friendships, hobbies or even partying together. But always keep in mind that the brothers relationship dependend heavily on the influence of parents. Parents should love their children as they are, if not, it is preferable that they have one child to avoid favoritism.
On the other hand, being an only child, like me, doesn't mean your parents consent you more or you get everything you want. If you have good parents, no matter how many children, they will always be well educated. Although, being an only child also has some advantages, for example, everything at home is for you, you don't have to give to little children your toys, books or anything else have a special value for you, because little children can break them. So if something breaks, you can not complain because it is your responsibility, whereas if, however, you want to keep something,it is preserved thanks to you.
In conclusion, having brothers or sisters, if you have good parents, is one of the best things that can happen to you, however, if parents have a predilection for one of their children, can be very negative for the other child, so before having children think: are you going to accept your children as they are or are you going to choose the best? It's your decision.