domingo, 26 de octubre de 2014

Internet world vs world without internet.

The lives of people who have access to internet is often easier to find information, or talk to people who are far from us. This, for example, makes the distance less difficult, If it's only with messages or audios, you have Whatsapp, if you want something more visual, you have Skype, with which you can have eye contact with the other person, but internet access has not only positive factors, this connection also makes people more dependent on their service. Now it is strange to meet a person who doesn't have Facebook or email, but we have to learn to see beyond social networks, and realize that although social networks make us be closer to people who are far, also separate us from the people who surround us and makes us be less sociable. Moreover, life without the internet can make it hard to find time-tables or to find important information, but you can always turn to encyclopedias and dictionaries, and also, life without internet foments relationships between people, this makes to have a face to face dialogue is a way to enjoy the people you have around you. And of course, especially teenagers, if they had a life without WiFi or internet connection, they could use the lost hours refreshing Twitter, Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram ... meeting with her friend, going out or having a hobby that it could be useful to them or get they forget daily stress. But we must make one thing clear, both, world internet as a world without it, there must be a progressive adaptation, neither a person who has ever entered google can become a computer engineer in a month nor a engaged person with his mobile all time can stop in one day, everything needs time and patience.

lunes, 20 de octubre de 2014

Fact or opinion.

Opinion or fact? Sometimes differentiate these two words is easy, for example, dogs are better than cats. It is clear that dogs do not have to be better than cats, it is just my opinion, but in other situations it is more difficult to distinguish whether it is an objective or subjective fact. If we put as an example "English people take longer to learn languages​​", certainly not all English people can only speak English, but this topic is generally used because, English is the best known language, and English people have not need to learn other languages ​​by force, however, a large number of English speakers can speak other languages ​​normally and this "fact" does not affect them.

Describing Ian Somerhalder.

I admired Ian Somerhalder for his kind-hearted and for his role at "The Vampire Diaries". In addition, he is very handsom, this is the principal reason that he is an actor but also a model. He has an animal fundation called the ISF (Is not original, "Ian Somerhalder's Fundation") but he is very confident when he talks about his programme to give in adoption some pets. I like him because he always  tries to do better.

martes, 14 de octubre de 2014

My favourite place.

My favourite place in the world is Winchester. Why? Because one of my friends told me that last year she has been in the month of July in Winchester and she loved it. Finally, she convinced me to go with her this summer. The month was about going to classes in the morning at the Winchester University, and in the afternoons, going to visit the most important places there. During the month, students would be living with English families. A difference of my friends who went to houses un pairs, my house was for a single student.That made me a little nervous, it was my first time abroad, alone and also I would have to spend weekends alone with them. When we arrive to Winchester, we were on a central point to go with our families. I know that I was lucky, my family was young, they were 32 and 34 years old and also they have three children, Bea (5 years old), Freddie (4) and Rupert (2). Emily, the wife, was very kind to me since the first moment, talking to me a bit slower the first days, and Toby, the husband, was awesome, his personality was very similar to my personality. Children were lovely and very polite. On the other hand, to know Winchester City, the lifestyle and all the landmarks shocked me, and I can't forget the days that we went to Southampton for go shopping or some Sundays in Portsmouth beaches. For me, Winchester the best place in the world, I left my English family there and all memories of July's days, but I have no doubt that next summer, I will go back to pick up old memories and I will create new ones with my English family.

jueves, 9 de octubre de 2014


Languages are very important in society. When you learn languages you can meet people because you can make yourself understood, and you can get to know other cultures that open your mind to accept other ways of living. On the other hand, if you are in the worst situation and you haven't got a job you can go to the other countries to work and you won't have any problem to talk to your boss, and it is sure your boss will hire you because you know more languages than the other employees, and you will be the most qualified.