miércoles, 21 de enero de 2015


YouTube is an online page that is used to upload videos. I usually use it to listen to music I like, however, many other people also enjoy this site watching videos of other people, known by the name of "YouTubers", usually young guys that parody or laugh programs or TV stars and even other YouTube videos.
I've never been in favor of these individuals, basically because YouTubers I knew were dedicated to comment videogames, and how I don't like any computer game, I didn't see the fun part of these videos. The amazing thing is that a few days ago, looking for one of my favorite songs, appeared before me a video that caught my attention: The controversy of #GHVIPesBASURA. And how could it be otherwise, curiosity got me and I started to watch it. At first, I do not open the videos that appear on the homepage of YouTube, but with this I made an exception because, although I respect everyone who sees Tele 5, I hate all trash TV programs such as Sálvame, Mujeres y hombres y viceversa and, of course, Gran Hermano, so find a video that say what I think, it could be interesting.
The big surprise was when I discovered that the video was recorded by a boy of 26 years of Barcelona which, apparently, he was a famous YouTuber in the network, known as AuronPlay. I acknowledge that shocked me how to criticize the Gran Hermano program and all its competitors, which is a shame is that all comments made were true. After seeing the video, I had to appreciate more deeply the author of it, so I decided to subscribe to his YouTube channel to see more of his videos.
This guy, unlike the rest, no parodied game, when I so the vision of his "works" was much more enjoyable for me. I decided to see some of his videos in which no talk of Tele 5 (to be more objective), and after seeing nothing more or less than their last ten videos, I discovered that I am a fan of this guy.
I recommend to everyone that before you judge something or someone, first report on the subject or the person to have arguments with which to defend your way of thinking, because even I imagined might like this reviews made by a YouTuber, and before you say you don't like something, first make sure of it.

lunes, 19 de enero de 2015

Thesis statement: Norse Mythology.

Norse mythology is, like the Greek or Roman, of polytheistic nature. In this mythology there are two pantheons of gods, the Vanir and Aesir, nine worlds intertwined by the tree Ygdrassil. Both families of gods have a duty to protect the nine worlds of mass destruction who want to carry out Loki (the trickster god) and his henchmen.

Fourth Práctica Evaluable: Problem/Solution essay: Living abroad.

Living abroad is difficult for some people because they have to learn other language. Sometimes, teenagers want to leave their country and meet new people and they feel happy because they don't have parental control. However, if you are an adult, you can't find a job and you need money to make a living, you must go to another country to look for your job and this is the problem, if you can't understand what is your employer saying... what will you do?
At first, you can go on holidays to your "future" country and stay with native speakers one or two months to learn their language and type of life, and then you will live there like a native too. But you can't do that if you haven't enough money...
On the other hand, we have a different solutions for your problem. You can attend private lessons to learn your "new" language in your own country and it will be cheaper than the other option. Although, if you haven't any money, and you have your wallet empty, the best solution is more difficult to find but totally free.
The best solution that you can find is: Meet someone who is a native from your future country in your own country, and do a pact with him/her. He/she will talk to you in his/her language and you will answer him/her in your own language, it will be free and you can make new friends.
Finally, the last option is the best for poor people, but you must consider the two others and select the best option for you. You must think advantages and disadvantages of these three options, for and against, but you don't have to have a doubt, it is your life and you can make choices, so... keep calm, make your choice and be happy!

Third Práctica Evaluable: Pets

Sometimes, parents give pets like a present for their little children, but it is not a good idea. Basically because little children cannot understand that animals are like humans and can feel pain when you hurt them. And it is horrible when parents are worse than their children and they abandoning their pet when it had already grown up.
Consequently, their neighbours have a problem because they have a wild animal near their families. It is not a big problem if the pet is a rabbit, a little dog or a cat, but it is different when you see a two metres long snake in your neighbourhood or a huge alligator that can enter your private pool or in your house.
The solution is easy, if you are dad or mum (or something similar) don't do it, giving a pet like a present will not make you better person. While your son or daughter is little, the best present is a toy, if you are a good dad or mum, you must teach your children to respect things so that, later, they can respect animals. And finally, if you consider (only if you really think it is true) that your children are sufficiently mature and you have a big house, you can have a pet in your life.

Second Práctica Evaluable: Outline: Doing Sport

I. Doing sport has different benefits that help you to be healthy.

II. Physical benefits:
                                A. Body looks better.
                                B. You resist more doing physical activities (more breath capacity)

III. Emotional benefits:
                                    A.You feel better if you are good-looking.
                                    B. Some sports (like karate) help you to eliminate your anger or negativity.

IV. Social benefits:
                              A.You meet new people who share your same hobby.
                                  1. In your group, you can find your future best friend, boyfriend or girlfriend.
                              B. People accept you more if you do sport regularly.

V. Conclusion: Doing sport helps you in different aspects of your life. What are you waiting for? Start now!

lunes, 5 de enero de 2015

The Simpsons

The Simpsons is a series of Matt Groening (also creator of Futurama) I've seen The Simpsons since I was born. Many people say it is a series that should not be viewed by children because of obscenities that say some characters, but a child does not copy the manners of the TV if he/she has a good education at home. So, since I have use reason, I've been watching The Simpsons. The first chapters I saw were on VHS and drawings were somewhat amorphous (in the early seasons). But then The Simpsons have started broadcasting on television (Antena 3) and I could see the definition of the characters was changing more and more. The scenes and voices were changing, even hair color (who would have thought that Barney was blond before or Moe had black hair and not gray?). Thus, watching an episode after another, I began to like The Simpsons, in fact, is the series I have most often seen, I know most of dialogues by heart, and yet I still see the series ever that I can. The most fascinating thing is that my mother bought me a blanket from The Simpsons before I was born, coincidence? I don't think so. Anyway, I recommend everyone to see The Simpsons ever, so people will realize that they are not just drawings, it is also a submerged critique of present society with its stereotypes and weaknesses.


Christmas is too stressful, especially for college students. You start the holidays with Christmas Eve, you have to be with the family, so that day you can not study. The next day is worse, because Santa Claus has come and everyone wants their gifts, so a lot of little cousins come to visit and to collect their gifts, so that day is also impossible to study. Then, on 26, 27, 28, 29 and 30 looks like you'll be able to study, but really always you have to go visit grandparents, uncles, aunts or family in general, which of those five days, you only have 2. And the day 31 comes the best. You'll be all day getting ready for the night, you'll be partying all night until morning, you will lie down and do not wake up until the afternoon and you will be hangover. On January 2nd day the family comes to your house to say you: Happy New Year. On day three, you've got to study and when you realize that you've studied up soon, you will not remember anything. Day four, you start thinking that you will not give time to study everything you've seen in four months. The fifth day is the day of Three Kings cake, so you also spend the day with family. And finally, the sixth day is a repetition of the 25th of the previous month, so you can not do anything. They have already completed the holidays and you wake up on January 7 hoping that the Kings have left forgotten in your house a clock time to return a few months ago to better organize, but after much searching, you do not find the watch time and start living a nightmare you can not wake up, so you have no choice, you study everything you can to the exam of the eighth day and go doing your best the days between tests and examinations. And now I wonder: Why don't we do the exams in December, before Christmas to all living beings (including students) can enjoy the holidays as they deserve?