miércoles, 21 de enero de 2015


YouTube is an online page that is used to upload videos. I usually use it to listen to music I like, however, many other people also enjoy this site watching videos of other people, known by the name of "YouTubers", usually young guys that parody or laugh programs or TV stars and even other YouTube videos.
I've never been in favor of these individuals, basically because YouTubers I knew were dedicated to comment videogames, and how I don't like any computer game, I didn't see the fun part of these videos. The amazing thing is that a few days ago, looking for one of my favorite songs, appeared before me a video that caught my attention: The controversy of #GHVIPesBASURA. And how could it be otherwise, curiosity got me and I started to watch it. At first, I do not open the videos that appear on the homepage of YouTube, but with this I made an exception because, although I respect everyone who sees Tele 5, I hate all trash TV programs such as Sálvame, Mujeres y hombres y viceversa and, of course, Gran Hermano, so find a video that say what I think, it could be interesting.
The big surprise was when I discovered that the video was recorded by a boy of 26 years of Barcelona which, apparently, he was a famous YouTuber in the network, known as AuronPlay. I acknowledge that shocked me how to criticize the Gran Hermano program and all its competitors, which is a shame is that all comments made were true. After seeing the video, I had to appreciate more deeply the author of it, so I decided to subscribe to his YouTube channel to see more of his videos.
This guy, unlike the rest, no parodied game, when I so the vision of his "works" was much more enjoyable for me. I decided to see some of his videos in which no talk of Tele 5 (to be more objective), and after seeing nothing more or less than their last ten videos, I discovered that I am a fan of this guy.
I recommend to everyone that before you judge something or someone, first report on the subject or the person to have arguments with which to defend your way of thinking, because even I imagined might like this reviews made by a YouTuber, and before you say you don't like something, first make sure of it.

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