lunes, 5 de enero de 2015


Christmas is too stressful, especially for college students. You start the holidays with Christmas Eve, you have to be with the family, so that day you can not study. The next day is worse, because Santa Claus has come and everyone wants their gifts, so a lot of little cousins come to visit and to collect their gifts, so that day is also impossible to study. Then, on 26, 27, 28, 29 and 30 looks like you'll be able to study, but really always you have to go visit grandparents, uncles, aunts or family in general, which of those five days, you only have 2. And the day 31 comes the best. You'll be all day getting ready for the night, you'll be partying all night until morning, you will lie down and do not wake up until the afternoon and you will be hangover. On January 2nd day the family comes to your house to say you: Happy New Year. On day three, you've got to study and when you realize that you've studied up soon, you will not remember anything. Day four, you start thinking that you will not give time to study everything you've seen in four months. The fifth day is the day of Three Kings cake, so you also spend the day with family. And finally, the sixth day is a repetition of the 25th of the previous month, so you can not do anything. They have already completed the holidays and you wake up on January 7 hoping that the Kings have left forgotten in your house a clock time to return a few months ago to better organize, but after much searching, you do not find the watch time and start living a nightmare you can not wake up, so you have no choice, you study everything you can to the exam of the eighth day and go doing your best the days between tests and examinations. And now I wonder: Why don't we do the exams in December, before Christmas to all living beings (including students) can enjoy the holidays as they deserve?

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