lunes, 19 de enero de 2015

Third Práctica Evaluable: Pets

Sometimes, parents give pets like a present for their little children, but it is not a good idea. Basically because little children cannot understand that animals are like humans and can feel pain when you hurt them. And it is horrible when parents are worse than their children and they abandoning their pet when it had already grown up.
Consequently, their neighbours have a problem because they have a wild animal near their families. It is not a big problem if the pet is a rabbit, a little dog or a cat, but it is different when you see a two metres long snake in your neighbourhood or a huge alligator that can enter your private pool or in your house.
The solution is easy, if you are dad or mum (or something similar) don't do it, giving a pet like a present will not make you better person. While your son or daughter is little, the best present is a toy, if you are a good dad or mum, you must teach your children to respect things so that, later, they can respect animals. And finally, if you consider (only if you really think it is true) that your children are sufficiently mature and you have a big house, you can have a pet in your life.

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