lunes, 19 de enero de 2015

Fourth Práctica Evaluable: Problem/Solution essay: Living abroad.

Living abroad is difficult for some people because they have to learn other language. Sometimes, teenagers want to leave their country and meet new people and they feel happy because they don't have parental control. However, if you are an adult, you can't find a job and you need money to make a living, you must go to another country to look for your job and this is the problem, if you can't understand what is your employer saying... what will you do?
At first, you can go on holidays to your "future" country and stay with native speakers one or two months to learn their language and type of life, and then you will live there like a native too. But you can't do that if you haven't enough money...
On the other hand, we have a different solutions for your problem. You can attend private lessons to learn your "new" language in your own country and it will be cheaper than the other option. Although, if you haven't any money, and you have your wallet empty, the best solution is more difficult to find but totally free.
The best solution that you can find is: Meet someone who is a native from your future country in your own country, and do a pact with him/her. He/she will talk to you in his/her language and you will answer him/her in your own language, it will be free and you can make new friends.
Finally, the last option is the best for poor people, but you must consider the two others and select the best option for you. You must think advantages and disadvantages of these three options, for and against, but you don't have to have a doubt, it is your life and you can make choices, so... keep calm, make your choice and be happy!

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